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Expert personnel, outstanding facilities, depth of experience, and a team of professional designers and engineers enable Electronia to provide unparalled services to its clients. Some of the company's capabilities include:


Systematic, rigorous, and highly competent, Electronia's research programs complement its design and manufacturing capabilities. Electronia’s research team looks for innovation and comes up with ideas and solutions that have not been done before.

Design (Systems and Products)

Electronia implements the latest design standards and will carry out even the most demanding requirements. The company designs communication systems and products.


Electronia development services in hardware and software enable customers to develop complete products. These services include prototyping and benchmark testing.


Electronia's manufacturing facilities utilize key technologies such as CAD, wet PCB process, surface mount component assembly, and full product testing. Quality control at each manufacturing phase ensures a quality product at the end of the line.


To date, Electronia has vast experience in systems installations in all types of settings and weather conditions. These include guyed towers, telecommunications systems, smart card systems, office automation systems, and networks.


Trustworthiness, accuracy, deep experience, and professionalism characterize each project commissioned by Electronia. The most stringent standards are applied to ensure that each solution is high-performing.

Operations & Maintenance

On arrangement, Electronia will operate systems as any client deems necessary. Dedicated teams of personnel maintain systems, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Using its vast breadth of experience, Electronia provides consultancy services to its customers in a wide range of ICT areas.


A professional training team delivers comprehensive modules to customers' staff. A wide variety of skills are taught, including operation, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as spotting and correcting potential problems with minimal delay.


Systems engineering, where design and calculations are done for a wide range of communication systems, is a key function at Electronia. Additional engineering services include surveys, performance tests and frequency management calculations.

Software Design

Programmers, who are all experts in their respective fields, are ready to come up with software design tailored to the requirements of the customer. Some of the best in the industry, these programmers utilize the most up-to-date programming languages available on the market.


Electronia successfully participated in the IFSEC and OSH Arabia 2012 and the 15th International Conference and Exhibition for Industrial Security, which were held in partnership at a three-day event in Riyadh..... More


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