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Corporate Background

Electronia is a leading innovator and trusted provider of a wide variety of secure, cost-efficient, and personalized solutions in wired/wireless broadband communications, data centers, international data highways, switching networks, VSAT systems, vehicle tracking systems, office automation systems, and smart card applications (banking, retail, security, healthcare, insurance, and access control).

Electronia’s Contactless Smart Card technology and VSAT TDMA DAMA technology technically and commercially lead the market.

Electronia was founded in 1989 by professionals with twenty-eight years of experience in telecommunications. Committed to continually improving its products and services, Electronia maintains R&D and manufacturing facilities which are used by the best talents in their respective fields. These resources enable Electronia to offer R&D, engineering, manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance, training, software design, and consultancy services to its customers.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Electronia and its affiliates are active in the Middle East, North America, and Africa.

Electronia's clients include some of the wome of the world's most important organizations, businesses, and governments.


Without communication, there can be no progress. Our simple yet powerful premise: the better people communicate, the better they function. In striving for better ways to communicate, we realized one vital fact. We must always focus on people by considering their safety, welfare, happiness, and their ability to come and grow together.

With this realization in mind, our philosophy is simple: use new, breakthrough ideas to give each customer an ICT system which expands their minds, knowledge, and enterprise. At Electronia, we dare to challenge conventional ideas. We dare to create today what is scarcely imaginable tomorrow. A simple phrase captures the essence of what we do: "Electronics in human terms."



Electronia successfully participated in the IFSEC and OSH Arabia 2012 and the 15th International Conference and Exhibition for Industrial Security, which were held in partnership at a three-day event in Riyadh..... More


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