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Electronia's Security Solutions, the result of 50 years of focused dedication in the ICT and Security sector, are comprised of hardware and software systems that guarantee the most reliable and airtight installations on the market today.

Electronic Identification and Tracking System

The Electronic Identification and Tracking System is a high-level people, vehicle, or asset identification and tracking system. Unlike other security solutions, Electronia’s approach uses the same sophisticated technology being employed by traditional Command and Control Systems.


CCTV Surveillance System

Electronia's CCTV Surveillance System features solid design and performs even in the harshest environments. It can be installed around fences or within building structures for perimeter or interior surveillance. It is also ideal for vehicle tracking systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System uses artificial intelligence to automatically recognize numerical plates. It is comprised of a high resolution camera, IR illuminator, and registration software.

RFID Radio Frequency Identification System

Electronia's contactless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System provides a secure and convenient solution for electronic, fast-speed identification and tracking. The system is used in such applications as license plate reading, vehicle tracking, and livestock management and tracking.

Ground Radar

Electronia's Ground Radars can be configured in fixed or mobile platforms and can detect threats within a range of 150 kilometers. The ground radars are equipped with ECCM, loaded with databases which store information on multiple types of threats, and capable of multi-radar tracking (MRT).

e-Gate Terminals

Electronia's e-Gate Terminals are designed to securely control physical access. Barriers and turnstiles are integral components of the terminals. Made of the sturdiest materials, the barriers and turnstiles work in conjunction with electronic detection technologies to ensure only one person gains access per each authorized card presented.

Perimeter Security System

Electronia's Perimeter Security System features a microstrain electronic detection fence; high-security gates; and long range, multiple system surveillance sensors and cameras. In addition to being a substantial barrier for deterrence and quick response operations, it is also capable of being integrated with other land and maritime surveillance systems. Doing so achieves a comprehensive maritime and perimeter command and control system.

  • High Security Fencing System
    Electronia offers a High security Fencing System which has been designed to blend with and complement any environment. This makes it ideal for applications requiring a sensitive yet secure approach to perimeter security. The mesh is constructed from steel wires welded at each intersection, thus producing an exceptionally rigid fence panel which provides a significant delay factor to attack by vandals and would be intruders alike. The fencing incorporates a quick fit system, allowing panel installation in up to half the normal time. It is galvanized and powder coated for maximum life span.

Sensors - Motion, Infrared, Pressure

Electronia provides numerous sensor solutions. Traditional sensor products include video, heat, motion, fence, and audio sensors. Electronia also offers new generation sensor products that incorporate 3D sensing or live finger detection using silicon capacitive and ultrasonic technologies.

Vehicle Disabler

The Vehicle Disabler system electronically disables vehicles attempting to ram a protected facility. It uses either a portable or stationary roadblock system. For car chase situations, a pursuing car system can be used, triggered by the operator as contact is made.

Body Scanner

A comprehensive people screening solution, Electronia's Body Scanner uses an electronic backscatter system, to detect metallic and non-metallic objects concealed under clothing. For privacy, discreet male/female scanners are empoyed.

Baggage Scanner

Electronia's Baggage Scanner uses an x-ray parcel scanner with dual imaging color coding for object identification. The system easily identifies concealed threat items and provides high resolution images of all hidden organic or inorganic items.

Undercarriage Scanner

The automated Undercarriage Scanner is useful for detecting the presence of foreign objects which may be attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle. It is the ideal solution for screening vehicles before entry into a secured facility or compound.

Vehicle/Container Scanner

The Vehicle/Container Scanner employs gamma radiographic technology to identify weapons and other suspicious items. An option for a neutron scanner is available for more comprehensive screening for explosives.

Airborne Surveillance System

The Airborne Surveillance System, which can be autonomous, semi-autonomous or tele-operated, is applicable to a wide range of applications such as search and rescue missions, border security, resource exploration, wildfire and oil spill detection. The system, when used with ground equipment. provides a detailed picture of a situation. With an enhanced level of situational awareness, authorities are better equipped to conduct border surveillance, rescue operations, counterterrorism, or organized crime eradication activities.


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